Themed evenings

In the Realm of Knowledge and Tastes

Music, literature, etiquette, and performance are some of the many concepts around which to organize original events.
Such moments bring good food and fine wine together with a taste for art and culture. Listen to a dish before you see it or taste it, savor a wine by means of a story even before sipping: the music, like food, is harmony, balance, beauty.
When a special evening requires a particular ingredient, no problem! The chef and his staff will meet the cultural gastronomic preferences of individual diners and transform ingredients into deliciously creative dishes by their masterful culinary techniques.
The culture of conviviality is a heritage to be shared in order to discover a region, a personality, an era, through journeys in food and wine culture, between history and legend.
The dining table is transformed into a stage with the cook as entertainment director where conviviality, curiosity and surprise meet and coexist: the food becomes a part of the performance requiring new spectators and actors. And everyone wants to be protagonists.