Between History and Values

Sensitivity and commitment are the hallmarks at Fattoria Moncucchetto which is rooted in the past and yet continues to grow thanks to the right mix of ideas and passion. In 1919, the Lucchini family’s ancestors acquired a hillside farm, the only one in the heart of Lugano, endowed with a barn, a farmhouse and a blind used by bird hunters which was constructed two centuries beforehand. Their enological adventure began in the early ’70s when Lisette and her husband Niccolò were two young students in Zürich and produced the farm’s first 1,000 bottles of Merlot.
The turning point came in 2009 with Mario Botta’s new winery project, an architectural jewel that incorporates the old farm and its wine cellars.
This adventure began for fun, yet finished with the satisfaction of realizing a dream. And there is also a bright future ahead in the Lucchini dream because they have passed on their passion for the region and for its products to their sommelier daughter, Alessandra, and her husband.
An extraordinary result achieved through continued work acquiring new skills and, above all, giving special recognition to their valuable employees.