The Wine Cellar

A Living Space

At first, there was an old wooden wine vat weighing 1700 kg (3700 lbs), two casks, two small wine presses, a destemmer-crusher as well as some tools kept in a room designated as a small museum.
Today it is an impressive and functional environment at the heart of the company and is designed to respectfully transform the fruits of nature into the nectar of the gods. This process starts with fermentation in steel vats (which are visible on the ground floor), leading to aging in barriques in the basement of the gorgeous barrel cellar (characterized by exposed rock which represents the bond with the land), and ending in the locale dedicated to the classic method of making sparkling wines. Here the Refolo and Refolo rosée rest on the lees and, at certain times of the year, it’s possible to see the pupitres filled with bottles. This process requires a lot of patience and waiting until the remuage, one of the last operations in the long preparation of sparkling wines.
Throughout the year, by appointment, Moncucchetto welcomes enthusiasts to learn about the company and its wines, ensuring visitors a stimulating experience in a beautiful tasting room.