Landscape and architecture

A Unique Setting

Like an ancient medieval castle overlooking its city, so Moncucchetto dominates its surroundings like a precious pearl nestled in an urban setting, integrating perfectly within the stunning landscape. The view is spectacular: 425 meters (1400 feet) above sea level, between Lake Lugano and Lake Muzzano, surrounded by peaks that offer magnificent panoramas.
Modern wineries consider image just as important as the functional aspects and technological factors of the business. The product of “wine” is a synthesis between the earth and the work of humans. A winery’s architecture must therefore testify to this and be a symbol of the search for balance between humans and the land, which then becomes part of our history and our identity.
The project by architect Mario Botta required redesigning the connections within the existing topography which are now reflected through the balanced spatial relationships between the buildings and the landscape. In the search for a constructive solution that would best express the architectural requirements of the spaces he has created a new landscape with flexibility, elegance and perspective.