The winery

The Magic of a Journey

In the heart of Lugano, far from the bustle and traffic, sits a winery steeped in history, yet projected into the future through creative ideas. A family-owned business housed in a fantastic three-level facility created by Mario Botta, Moncucchetto is rich in the delights that satisfy all five senses. Thanks to this unique industry based on the love of the land which is transmitted from the vineyard to the cellar and from the garden to the table: sight, with the colors of the flowers and the harmonious lines of the vineyards; smell, with the intense aromas of each season; touch, with the freshness of the trees and leaves; taste, with the ever-present fruits; hearing, with the pouring of fine wines. Moncucchetto produces exquisite wines cultivated, in part, from 40-year-old vines and organizes events, meetings, wine tastings, cooking classes, cocktails and banquets immersing guests in the enological and culinary arts.
There is always an exciting party and a gathering of the arts on the Moncucchetto hill: the art of wine, of food and of architecture. Occasions during which nature, culture, environment, personalities and high-quality products coexist.