Vino liquoroso

Appellation: Indicazione geografi a tipica Svizzera italiana

Brilliant ruby red colour with orange highlights, light aromas of nuts and dried fruit notes, evolving into cocoa and spice notes. Good balance, young and fruity character. Long and expressive finish. This wine goes wonderfully with chocolate desserts or as an accompagnement to soft or blue cheeses. It can also be enjoyed as an aperitif, served slightly chilled and simply accompanied by dried fruit.

Variety: Merlot

Origin: Lugano. Soils of granitic origin with average organic matter content. Well-drained soils.

Vinification: Nove is a liqueur wine made from Merlot, produced by fortifying a partially fermented must with wine alcohol. It is a relatively young wine aged 2 years in small oak barrels.

Price: 75cl – 34 CHF

Esaurito – Epuisé – Ausverkauft-Sold out