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Saturday and Sunday

1-16 August

1-2 November

23 December–8 January



A female winery like Moncucchetto could not offer an all-female wine list, with Swiss and international labels produced exclusively by women.

Our protection plan follows the GastroSuisse guidelines.


Snapshots of Taste

One way to communicate a thought or an artisan philosophy spontaneously is through creative gastronomy by excelling in the search for fresh produce which is then respectfully enhanced through the knowledge of expert cooking techniques.
Following the rhythms of the seasons, our on-demand menu is constantly evolving, offering a range of great classics along with the discovery of new combinations. Alternating signature dishes such as The Sea Meets the Lake Among Wild Flowers – a particularly significant recipe for Andrea Muggiano in which tuna and zander unite his Sardinian origins with Canton Ticino – represent a journey between tastes and colors, featuring local and exotic herbs.
Our creative gastronomy has a single purpose:  to contribute to the pleasure of our guests who savor it, to treat guests to evocative and unforgettable moments, and to remain in the hearts of our guests.
This is the culinary art of Moncucchetto, a special way to experience food and wine: a laboratory where ideas become reality, where the best ingredients are combined in the search for innovation, but always in the name of tradition, all with an open kitchen with a view to the dining room for direct contact with the guests.