Wine Tasting

Communicating an Emotion

Enjoying wine is an art. Learning a correct wine tasting methodology is certainly the first step to understanding and enjoying it completely. Knowing how to appreciate a glass of wine and registering the different facets, from color to aroma to flavor, is much more than simply drinking. It’s a journey into the territories dedicated to wines, where people work tirelessly to make the most of all the elements that give their wines the characteristics rendering them unique.
Moncucchetto is the ideal venue to identify the main characteristics of a wine, through the careful analysis of its organoleptic properties according to rules and precise techniques, but also just to taste a wine and savor it with friends.
Wine is companionship and conviviality. A pleasure to discover and share.
Accompanied by our expert, a guided tasting allows you to get passionate and excited, to acquire information that can be used for various occasions, to discover the complexity and intensity of flavors in a game of aromas, and to be freely transported through the thousands of sensations that a wine can transmit.